We experience Communion together on the first Sunday of every month. We ask parents to ensure their children know what the Lord's Supper signfies before allowing their children to participate. Our table is open to all believers and not just Presbyterians.

In obedience to Jesus, we joyfully baptize both infants and adults at Matthews Memorial Presbyterian. Have questions about baptism? Email Anthony: anthony@mmpcalbany.org

Communion and Baptism 

Here is a statement from the ECO website in regards to both sacraments:

The Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are signs that are linked to the things signified, sealing to us the promises of Jesus. In the Baptism of infants, we confess our confidence in God’s gracious initiative, that a baby who cannot turn to God is nonetheless claimed as a member of the covenant community, a child of God, cleansed by grace and sealed by the Spirit; in the Baptism of adults, we confess our confidence that God’s grace can make us new creations at any stage of our lives. In the Lord’s Supper, we confess that as we eat the bread and share one cup the Spirit unites us to the ascended Christ, so that His resurrection life may nourish, strengthen, and transform us.